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Inspired by: An imagine where Draco is seeing a Gryffindor secretly

Author: loverlylittleimagines

Word Count: 842

Rating/Warnings: I’d say they’re isn’t really any warnings and rate it PG

It was so strange those days, where the usually gloomy boy always had a secretive smile painting his lips. Yes, Draco was practically, in all senses, infatuated. He felt like a crazy kid, bounce in his step and his eyes gleaming. He’s on his way to McGonagall’s room, but Transfiguration the last thing on his mind. No, the only thing he’s thinking about is the way he really wants to see you, and really can’t wait to see you smile that enchanting smile. That smile that drove him nuts, that smile that as soon as it left his eyes, lingered permanently in his mind. He still remember the first time he saw got the chance to see and fall for a brilliant smile that lit up his world.

“Oy, (Y/L/N)! Gryffindor’s gonna lose tomorrow!” he called to that cute 3rd year he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of. She always seemed to be in the corner of his eye and always seemed to have some witty response to his  own.

“Yeah right, Malfoy. Harry could whip your sorry-” He’s hushed your word with his proximity to you, and his hand covering your lips

“Shh, love. Don’t need you cursing with that pretty little smirk o’ yours” he smirks gently, only inches away from your face.  He’s still infatuated with your eyes, and enamored with the way you’re making his heart thump like mad.

In an instant, you ripped his hand off your face in a swift motion, and running away, backward, still facing him. You smile,  and honestly its the best thing he’s ever seen. He couldn’t keep himself from chasing you, can’t keep himself from craving the butterflies. He’s convinced that you and him could be more than something he thinks of every bit of free time.

“Malfoy, chill. Think I’m a little out of your league, huh?”

“Only a little, sweetheart. And I think we can work around it.” he smirked, but his will is almost crumbling.

“Meet me on the field?”

You chew teasingly on your lip, before granting him a single nod, and that smile that sends his stomach into a craze.

It’s been two years, and he still hasn’t been exactly honest with his ‘friends’. He uses quotes because the idiots he hangs with could never understand that he adored his Gryffindor girl with the fire in her eyes and the mischief in her smile. So he always comes early to the one class they share, so he can have you alone, even if its’ just for a moment.  And he sees you in a moment, and he races towards you, and you’d think he hadn’t seen you in years, the way he runs toward you and picks you up.

“Hey, Princess, I missed you,” he whispers in your ear, arms wrapped around your waist tightly.

“ Drake, honey, not here.” you say as his face tucks into your neck. He’s really not used to being so close to someone, growing up with his distant father, and his lacking mother. You were the first person to not reject his love, and all he can do is fall deeper and deeper. So when he hears your voice bring him back to reality, and he remember that he can’t see you in public. He can’t see your eyes twinkle and hear you call him Drake, the only person he lets say that.

“Okay,” he says, wincing slightly. His arms drain off of yours, even though all he really wants is to hold you and never let go.

“Do we have to do this?” he asks, eyes twinkling in a melancholy fashion, in a way that anyone but you wouldn’t notice. And you hear it, and tug his arm over to an empty hall where you can have privacy, something he honestly desires.

“What do you mean, Drake?” you say. You lean into his grip on your waist, which seems just a little too desperate for his usually cocky disposition.

“Do we have to sneak around like this?” he asks, playing with a strand of your hair nervously.

“Draco it was your idea to sneak around. What’s changed?” he sighed. What had changed? He knew what had changed  this. What had changed him. And he gulps before the feeling of craving takes over his voice and he says what he’d been dying to.

“You know what’s changed, babe? You. Me. Us. The fact that I couldn’t give a flying crap what they think of me anymore because when I’m around you I feel perfect and loved and you’re so god forsakenly beautiful and I can’t resist being with you all the time anymore!” he rambles before you press a quick kiss to his lips.

“Okay, Drake. Let’s go in together.” you soothe, smiling gently at him with kind eyes that say 'I'm ready too.'

And just like that the weight of the world has been lifted.

You two walk in hand-hand into the aisle of the class, and he swears to himself you’ll walk down a churches’.




Anonymous said:
I just want to say, I love your blog! All of you are so nice and great writers and it amazes me that you find time to update your blog every day! Thanks for being such wonderful people!

oh my god, I love you. You’re so sweet! Thank you thank you! Thank you for being such a wonderful person! You guys make me so happy! ily *sparkling heart emoji*


^ me rn



Hi Guys!

So, I know a lot of you guys are starting school back up within the next few weeks and I just wanted to say good luck and try to have a good year. You guys are all amazing and I want you to be able to go back to school and not die of stress. I know many people have a really hard time at school, including myself, and I just want you to know that you’re not alone. You can message any of us on our personal blogs with problems, when you’re feeling stressed or even if you just want to talk! ((I don’t bite)) Sometimes, it just helps knowing someone is there for you. If you’re ever feeling down in class, whip out your phone and go on our blog (tell your teachers I give you permission to use your phone). Okay so that’s about it, I just wanted to let you know you have 3 girls who are prepared to listen and talk to you guys about anything! My ask is always open(: xoxo


Please Please message us for help, we love you   *hugs*

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Hey guys! 

It’s nearly September so that means school is starting up again and this is a nerve wracking time for a lot of people. I’m actually starting University this year, and kinda terrified. It’s really helped calm me down talking to my friends, and other people going to my uni. If you want someone to talk to (about anything, not just school) feel free to come talk to one of us on this blog, or on our personal blogs. Seriously, you need anything, someone to listen to you, advice, we’ll be happy to help. I’m the resident Brit on the blog, so if you wanna talk to me about secondary school, sixth form, or just something England-based come talk to me!

Be happy, healthy and have a good time at school! :)


Hello! I’ve already started Sophomore year…(that’s weird), but if you guys ever need any advice, or if you just want to have a laugh, come talk to me!  I just want you to promise me that you will make this year the best year. All three of us would be happy to help if you need any advice whatsoever. If it’s from relationships to homework, come talk to us anytime! I just wanna say that I love you so much. Honestly, you guys are amazing with everything you do. We all love you and we want you to be happy. I keep repeating myself over and over again, but it’s true, we care a lot about your happiness and your safety. Have a great time at school.

P.S. this is weird but if you feel super stressed, just burp. it helps me out a lot, not gonna lie. 


Midnight Firewhiskys

Inspired by: Imagine Sneaking out of bed and getting drunk with Fred and George.

Author: http://bromptoncocktail-wench.tumblr.com/

Word count: 1.419

Rating: I’d rate it PG-13 due to the alcohol usage and one sexual innuendo!

The school year had just begun and even though it was early, you decided to go to bed already. The last week has been stressful to no end because every teacher was giving you a big pile of homework so you would all be prepared for the OWLs at the end of your year. The red velvet curtains of your canopy bed let in only a small beam of light. While you looked at the little bit of light, you wonder when you started being like your mother who went to bed so early even on a Friday night. You turned on your side and simply guessed that Hermione’s ways had rubbed off on you.

While you liked being around Hermione, Ron and Harry, your best friends were Fred and George Weasley. The Weasley twins always knew how to cheer you up even if you think you’ll never get out of this sadness, they are the ones to make it happen. With a smile you think about them as your closest friends and worst prank-enemies. The last thought before you fell asleep circled around them and it felt like you slept two seconds when a sudden and loud noise appeared. One second and then it was gone. You’re sure that you just imagined it but then there it was again. With a frown you pushed aside the curtains to peek around the room. The other girls were sleeping and no one else seemed to have noticed the thud-noise.

Your curiosity was strong now and so you slipped out of bed, wrapping yourself in a red morning robe before you looked for the cause of the noise which interrupted your sleep and you found it just moments after. A little paper aeroplane kept bumping into the closed window, like a dizzy wasp on a hot summer night. Slowly you reached for the window to open it as silently as possible and to your surprise, the memo flew right up to you to fall down into your cleavage.

‘Fred and George… You pervy idiots,’ you whispered and sat back down onto your bed to fish out the note again, reading it carefully before you smile. You didn’t hesitate to get up and follow what the note said. Silently you threw your school robes over your pyjamas to sneak out of the room just a second later.

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request (for requester who asked for more James imagines)


Anonymous said:
Thanks for all the great Fred Weasley one-shots! I absolutely love him and I look forward to read more about him ;) You'r tumblr is great too, I love you guys :D

We love you too! :)


Revenge: Winchester Edition

Part 1: (x)

Part 2: (x)

Author: colleencloss

A/N: I’m sorry I didn’t know there would be a third.  I saw a comment on the first one about the Winchester’s I’d briefly mentioned and this just kind of happened.

Revenge: Winchester Edition

(Y/N) was walking back to the common room when she was intercepted by Draco.  “(Y/L/N) walk with me.” He said as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“What Draco?” She asked.

“It would appear that quite a few Slytherins have been bothering some of the Mud- I mean Muggleborns.  Do you think Granger would find offense at that and talk to Frodo or what do you think?” Draco asked.

“How should I know Draco?  Besides, it’s far more likely she’ll call in the Winchesters this early.” She said.

“The Winchesters?” Draco asked.

“Yes, the Winchesters.  They hunt Witches and Wizards and Ghosts and they kill them.  Among other things.” She explained.

“THEY CAN KILL GHOSTS?!” He exclaimed before clearing his throat and glancing around nervously to see if anyone had seen him lose his composure.

“Oh yes.  They’re quite famous too, I’m surprised you haven’t heard of them.  Salazar Slytherin himself wrote about Hunters, and how wary you must be of them if you wished to live passed your school years.” She explained.

“Thanks for the information Mud- I mean (Y/L/N).” Draco said before hurrying away.


Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N) were seated comfortably in Dumbledore’s office.  “Are you sure you’re willing to pay so much money for a small prank?” Dumbledore asked.

“Absolutely, those little assh- I mean Jacka- I mean misguided children need to be taught a very important lesson.  Not to mess with my daughter- I mean to respect each other no matter the blood status.” Mr. (Y/L/N) said.

“Well if you’re sure.” 


“Students, if all but Slytherin house would please follow their Head of House back to their dormitories at once it would be much appreciated.” Dumbledore announced.

When everyone had left and the Slytherin’s chatted amongst themselves Dumbledore chose to speak.  “The Winchesters have arrived.” He said before exiting the Great Hall with the other teachers.

“No no no no no.  The Mudblood told me about the Winchesters, they’re witch and wizard hunters.  Salazar Slytherin himself was terrified of them!  They’ll kill us all!” Draco began to hyperventilate.

When the doors burst open and in walked two men with guns in their hands the whole of Slytherin house screamed and tried to run to get away from them.  If the windows hadn’t been charmed to be unbreakable the young wizards would have jumped through them to escape.  Draco was pounding on the glass despite the hopelessness of the act.

The two men shared amused glances and waited while (Y/N) strolled in the room behind them.  The Slytherin’s paused in their escape attempts to watch the events unfolding before them.

“Dean, Sam, it’s so wonderful to see you.  How’s Cas?” (Y/N) asked.

“He’s good, killed a few witches up in Canada just last week.  Said something about them being blood purists.” Dean replied.

“I see I see, I’m afraid there’s been a mistake here.  There are very few blood purists at this fine school so your services won’t be required.” She said.  “Don’t you agree Slytherin house?” She asked.

“Oh no, no blood purists here, you’re right Mud- I mean (Y/L/N).”Draco jumped in.

“I guess you’re right.  Well (Y/N) if any blood purists do pop up, you and Hermione still have our numbers right?” Sam asked.

She tapped the side of her head with her pointer finger.  “It’s all right here.”

“See you later then kid.” Dean ruffled her hair and he and Sam left.

“Oh (Y/N) you saved us, how can we ever repay you?” Draco asked.

“How about eternal servitude, I like my eggs scrambled.”



request (for requester who asked for more Rose imagines)